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Mercury in Retrograde makes many people all nervous.   It doesn’t have to be a time of worry.   This is why I write about each time it comes along.   Just as a heads up — it is back starting on August 23, 2023!  This time there will be a total of 7 planets in retrograde.   It has already started with the pre-phase.  Retrogrades help us go within, go with the flow, reconsider.   It is a great time to do research.

This Mercury in Retrograde will occur in the earth sign Virgo.  So all my fellow earth signs hold on to your hats.   Every time it happens in an Earth sign it seems to shake me.  This is a good time to slow down, double check contracts, make sure you are not ignoring any maintenance on anything to do with transportation or communication.  Which, by the way can be affected when Mercury goes into Retrograde.   Mercury in Retrograde is a time for deep reflection and contemplation.  It is always a good idea to be aware of the times this happens.

Like all retrogrades of Mercury, you will experience either the best or the worst.   Which means you may have something to laugh about or you will learn a meaningful lesson.  Retrogrades are a time for the three Rs: Review, Reflect, and Reassess.


Future Mercury in Retrograde Dates

    • December 13, 2023 – January 1, 2024 in fire-sign Sagittarius

2024 dates of Mercury in Retrograde

  • April 1, 2024- April 25, 2024 in fire-sign Aries
  • August 4, 2024 – August 28, 2024 in earth-sign and ends in fire-sign Leo
  • November 25, 2024 – December 15, 2024 in fire-sign Sagittarius

2025 and Beyond

  • March 14, 2025 – April 7, 2025 starts in fire-sign Aries, ends in water-sign Pisces
  • July 17, 2025 – August 11, 2025 in fire-sign Leo
  • November 9, 2025 – November 29, 2025 starts in fire-sign Sagittarius, ends in water-sign Scorpio
  • February 25, 2026 – March 20, 2026 in water-sign Pisces
  • June 29, 2026 – July 23, 2026 in water-sign Cancer
  • October 24, 2026 – November 13, 2026 in water-sign Scorpio
  • February 9, 2027 – March 3, 2027 starts in water-sign Pisces, ends in air-sign Aquarius
  • June 10, 2027 – July 4, 2027 starts in water-sign Cancer, ends in air-sign Gemini
  • October 7, 2027 – October 28, 2027 starts in water-sign Scorpio, ends in air-sign Libra
  • January 24, 2028 – February 14, 2028 in air-sign Aquarius
  • May 21, 2028 – June 13, 2028 in air-sign Gemini
  • September 19, 2028 – October 11, 2028 in air-sign Libra
  • January 7, 2029 – January 27, 2029 starts in air-sign Aquarius, ends in earth-sign Capricorn
  • May 1, 2029 – May 25, 2029 in earth-sign Taurus
  • September 2, 2029 – September 24, 2029 starts in air-sign Libra, ends in earth-sign Virgo
  • December 21, 2029 – January 10, 2030 in earth-sign Capricorn
  • April 12, 2030 – May 6, 2030 starts in earth-sign Taurus, ends in fire-sign Aries
  • August 15, 2030 – September 8, 2030 in earth-sign Virgo
  • December 5, 2030 – December 25, 2030 starts in earth-sign Capricorn, ends in fire-sign Sagittarius

Past Articles on Mercury in Retrograde:

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