Easily found answers in this BRCA2 journey I am currently on are just not that–well easy.  Search hashtags like #BRCA2 #previvor #mastectomy and you get a flurry of information that just is not easy to digest.  You hear more horror stories than the uplifting reassuring ones.   There is a ton of advise on the inter-webs.    Not all of it is accurate.  Most of it will scare the hell out of you.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some great uplifting stories as well.   Regrettably you often have to dig to find them.

Yesterday I had my consultation with the Dr. that will perform my mastectomy.   His entire office have seen hundreds of women and for the first time I can breathe.   They spent time with me and answered every one of my questions.   I had my options laid out in front of me and I know what direction I am going in.   My Dr. was funny and able to put both myself and my husband at ease.   He said “I take you apart and your plastic surgeon will put you back together”.   I meet with my plastic surgeon on Friday.   Both came highly recommended from multiple people.

Where to start?

I am learning to understand it is the relationships you have with your Dr. that count the most.  My faith in my gynecologist has lead me to the easily found answers.    If you are just starting your journey.  I cannot stress enough that is your most important starting point in this journey.   There is a lot of fear that comes to the surface when you hear that you have this or any other genetic mutation that threatens your health.

Read about your potential options, but don’t walk into your appointments with what you want to be done.   Let the Dr. give you your options, then go out and research them.    Listen to them when they give you advice.   Do go with your gut when you don’t feel there is not a connection or something does not feel right.

Faith and fear are basically the same thing….   One believes bad will happen and the other good.    It doesn’t mean you will not be afraid during this journey.   Faith is what will push you through it.   I know this year is going to be a grueling one for myself and my husband.   It is far less than if I were to get cancer.   SO we push through the process, knowing in the end we have done the right thing.

Know that you can too!

George Irwin
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