There are times we are asked about break ups in a tarot reading.  It is handy to look at the cards in this context as you are learning their meaning.  To see all the cards that have elements of a breakup.    So here are all the cards I think of when it comes to a breakup.   The real story here is that no one single card can tell the whole story when you pull multiple cards.  It is how they inter-relate and if you look at the reversals or not.  Sometimes you have to trust what you are getting when you first pull a card. Is the sitter dealing with a past breakup or contemplating doing so in the near future?  There are so many options and your intuition may be your best friend.

The Hermit

The Hermit, in its solitude, paints a picture of a period where you might find yourself stepping back from social circles and embracing some quality “me time.” It’s like having a chance to focus on your personal and spiritual aspirations while flying solo. So, even though it’s not exactly a “break-up” card, it hints at a phase of self-reflection and enjoying your own company.

The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man tends to signal a pause in the relationship rather than an outright breakup. This can actually be a positive thing, especially when other cards in the reading support it. It often means you’ll have a chance to see things from a fresh perspective, potentially offering the relationship a new lease on life.

However, if you find the Hanged Man in the company of more challenging cards, especially ones like Death or the Tower, what might have initially felt like a temporary break or frustration could indeed lead to a full-blown breakup.


Wow, the Tower card sure doesn’t hold back on the drama! Lightning strikes, flames engulf the building, and people are jumping out of windows. This card paints a vivid picture of significant upheaval or a major shake-up that’s pushing you to see the world from a whole new perspective. It’s like life threw a curveball just when you thought you were cruising in a cozy relationship. You’re now facing some major changes and might be navigating through the complexities of divorce or the end of a long-term relationship


The Justice card may indicate the potential for a relationship dissolution, contingent upon the precise phrasing of the inquiry. This likelihood becomes particularly pronounced when the query pertains to a legally recognized commitment, such as formal marriage or a substantial cohabitation arrangement. In such cases, the card may signify the consideration of a lawful separation.

In isolation, the Justice card conveys the importance of basing decisions on a foundation of rationality and well-informed judgment, as opposed to relying solely on emotional impulses as a guiding force.


The Death card symbolizes profound change and transformation, marking the conclusion of one phase and the commencement of another. Your relationship may have completed its current cycle and reached its termination point. Consequently, it is imperative to release the past and welcome forthcoming transformations. In many instances, this might entail the impending dissolution of the relationship. However, it is advisable to consider the context provided by the other cards in your reading, as there is a possibility that change could manifest within the relationship itself, redirecting it towards a fresh and more constructive trajectory.

Two of Cups – Reversed

In its upright orientation, this card signifies the presence of profound emotional connections and bonds between two individuals. When reversed, the Two of Cups suggests the conclusion of a relationship, often within the framework of a consensual decision to part ways. Both parties have arrived at the mutual understanding that separation is the most suitable course of action, necessitating the dissolution of the once-shared bond.

Three of Swords

In the Three of Swords, we come face to face with a heart pierced by three swords, symbolizing grief, heartbreak, and sorrow. This card might show up when you’ve experienced the end of a relatively new relationship. The silver lining here is the sun peeking through the clouds, reminding us that this heartache is fleeting, and brighter days are on the horizon. You’ll be moving on to greener pastures before you know it.

Three of Cups – Reversed

The Three of Cups reversed carries a significant message. It often appears in situations involving love triangles or unfaithfulness within a relationship. If this is not aligned with your expectations, it could very well signal the potential demise of the relationship. It’s crucial to have open and honest discussions about the boundaries in your relationship and what you are willing to accept or not tolerate.

Five of Swords

The Five of Swords tells a story of a tough battle that didn’t quite end in victory. Maybe you’ve been stuck in a cycle of disagreements and squabbles with your partner, and now you’ve reached the point of parting ways. Even though the arguing has stopped, you might not have that satisfying closure or the last word you hoped for. Instead of dwelling on it, it’s a good moment to release and move forward.

Five of Pentacles

The Five of Pentacles, in a gentle way, points to moments of setback and loss. Picture two folks braving the cold snow, locked out of the warmth of the church when they could use a helping hand. When this card shows up, it might mean you’re going through a period of feeling somewhat isolated or distant in a relationship. There could be some financial or spiritual losses along the way. It’s possible that your partner is holding back support or finances due to a disagreement or dispute between you two.

Ten of Swords

When you take a glance at the Ten of Swords imagery, it becomes evident that it signifies a rather painful and dramatic ending, possibly catching you off guard. When the Ten of Swords emerges in a reading, it serves as an unequivocal indication of the conclusion of a significant chapter. This card embodies the essence of finality and underscores the imperative to embark on a new beginning. Consequently, it is readily discernible why encountering this card in a relationship-oriented reading might be met with apprehension.

Nonetheless, the presence of this card serves as a definitive confirmation that the relationship is destined to terminate. Hence, it proves advantageous for the querent to receive this reading, as it allows for a more gradual acceptance of the impending conclusion, thereby potentially mitigating the emotional impact associated with its occurrence.

Ten of Pentacles – Reversed

In its upright orientation, the Ten of Pentacles signifies a well-established relationship, potentially indicative of a long-term marriage and the presence of an extensive family network. In contrast, when reversed, this card may imply that the marriage is approaching its conclusion, necessitating the division of family assets and the separation of finances as part of the dissolution process. Additionally, your family and home life may experience significant impacts during this period of change.

There you have it, my take on cards that indicate a breakup.  Do you think of another card that clearly indicates a breakup?  That is the beauty of Tarot, we each bring different thoughts and understanding to our readings.


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