This post was originally posted on September 20, 2016.
I think it means even more today than then.  

Let yourself decide what is failure is and not what others define.  Failure strips away the unnecessary in your life.   It makes you focus on what really matters to you.   It sets you free.  You may not fail at the epic levels that J. K. Rowling did, but you will experience failure along the way.

Remember it is a gift — FAILURE.  You will know yourself and the strength of your relationships.  Your qualifications do not define you.  Imagination is the power to empathize with those we are not familiar with.  The smallest things you do along the way make a difference.

Find Ways to Help Others

The next time you see someone in distress, perhaps you should use your imagination for a moment and find a way to relieve a little discomfort for them.   There is no need to make them feel bad for their situation.  They already do.
Judging others for their failures you are often continuing the problems our world is experiencing.   Trust me, I have failed deeply in my own life and career.   I am remembered only for the mistakes, yet I am not that same person.   Nor are the countless of others who have experienced serious failures in their lives.
To those that have supported me through the roughest times of my life, I am blessed to call true friends.   The have not judged me, yet they used their imagination and helped me through those dark moments of my life.

Isn’t it Time to do Better?

As we get ready to elect a new president in November, isn’t it time we imagine better?   Do we really want what we are seeing?  All the negativity and finger pointing.  If like me you say no, perhaps you need to do some research and find a candidate that really represents your values.  Find what is really motivating our decisions.  If everyone did so, perhaps we can change the future course.
Remember each of the two major candidates is using fear to motivate us.   The two that got presented in the Primaries were not voted by the MAJORITY of this country but of their political parties.  The majority of people are not happy but are being forced to believe that the they only have two choices.
So why don’t we use our imagination and change things.   Because I for one am not going to select the lesser of two evils.   I advise you do the same and if more people took the time, we too could be a good country.  You can change the world — the SYSTEM as we know is broken and it is dependent upon each of us to do something.