Help with Public Speaking

So often I am asked how to I can easily get up and give inspirational talks.  I came across this video that talks about successful Ted Talks.   I am struck by the similarities that the Ted format has to that of the talks I hear in Spiritualist Churches.    There is always an idea that needs sharing, discussed and brought to the masses.

In this video he comes across with four key components of a good talk.   Some that I hope assist you when it comes time to speak.

  1. Single Idea
  2. Given listeners a reason to care
  3. Build your idea
  4. Make your idea worth sharing

When you are asked to speak, share from the heart and say yes!   It is what is needed in the world.   Don’t let fear stop you.   Everyone who will be in the audience when you speak will need to hear what ever you are inspired to speak about.   I have been blessed to have it proven time and again.    I trust Spirit and speak with love.   Not once have I not heard from someone grateful for what I had said.

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