Struggle with focus is very real for me…


I feel like there is a reason for this struggle I have right now.   Why can’t I get beyond it and yet I must.   I should have been out the door a couple of hours ago, but once again I was distracted.   By unfinished tasks that I can finish in 5 minutes here and there.    It isn’t that I am not getting things done, it is just there is so much to do deciding what to do first is becoming a problem for me.

Sound familiar?    The whole multitasking thing is a lie.   I get less done when I try and do many things at one time.   I need to remind myself to stay focused and do one thing to completion and then take on the next task.   Otherwise, I become overwhelmed and things do not get completed.   I find that things a day or so later that I should have done.  Again a 5-minute thing, but everything I have is that way.   These little tasks that need accomplishing.   The big projects I get done.  The easy things I love, get completed.   The quick little annoying projects, or the tasks I hate to do never seem to get done.

So for the month of May, I am going to focus on the little projects that have been lingering and just waiting to be done.   I am going to focus on those annoying projects I hate doing.  I may just be surprised by the results…

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