Happiness is a choice

Today I am at a point in my life that I can just be happy.   There isn’t a person or a thing that are the reason I am happy.

I am just happy.   Perhaps taking a step back and selecting the things I do because they make me feel good is the reason.   If something does not feel good, I am not going to do it.

It is amazing how much easier life is because you make the decision to listen to your heart instead of what others want from you.   Doing what you need to do is important.  

Not everyone will agree with your thinking.   That is okay.   They are doing their best to accomplish what it is that they need to do.   Sometimes the decision you make will make what they need to do harder, so they want to persuade you from what you want to do in order to make their task easier.  

There is a point that helping others is awesome.   But when it costs you peace in your own life that is where you have to draw the line.   Because the reality is that in the same situation, they would pick what gives them peace.

There is a difference between being generous with help for others and being a doormat.   You will know the difference.   Sometimes people want you to do their dirty work and then sweep in and take the glory at the end.   Be wary of these people, they steal your peace and happiness without blinking an eye.

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