Autism and Spirituality – Is there a connection?

Autism and Spirituality – Is there a connection?

I see much of it in children of several of my friends.   I don’t remember growing up seeing Autism.  When my son was born it was a time that we were just learning about vaccines and association of Autism.  Now considered bad science, but something that I researched extensively.  I studied much about the topic and I had him vaccinated although I had him on a different schedule of several of the vaccines.

Those with children on the Spectrum do not have it easy.   But I am confident that they were blessed with patient and loving parents.   None of these kids are the same and all of their children have different challenges.    Males are affected four to one to females.  As much as is known there is so much yet to learn.   I find this to be a very interesting area of study of late.

I have actually did a reading once with an young man who suffers from Asperger’s syndrome.   It was pretty powerful I saw him light up because of a few moments with me.   I made a connection that he needed.   It made me aware that it is the connection — we all crave it.   Those diagnosed on the Spectrum just have no idea how to create that connection via communication.   I honestly believe that it is the overload of connection that affects those that are struggling with Autism.   When these families find the right connection, life became easier.

When I started down my spiritual journey I could relate to the sensory overload that many who are diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum struggle so deeply with.   I suddenly was on an overload of sights, sounds, smells and it was like my senses had gone wild.   I sometimes wonder if that what is like for those on the spectrum.   I know that in the midst of it, I wanted to escape and searched out silence and lack of any stimuli.

Something to think about….  Is there a connection between Spirituality and Autism?

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