Lily Dale Scheduled Speaking Engagements

Lily Dale Scheduled Speaking Engagements

The summer schedule is out for Lily Dale Assembly and I am proud to announce that I will be speaking at two of the 2:30 Auditorium Services.  I look forward to serving on July 4th and August 31st.

I am so excited about this opportunity to share my thoughts and I hope to inspire at least one person each day.

July 4th the Tibetan Monks will be closing their 4 day stay in Lily Dale and it is something you do not want to miss, spend the rest of the day experiencing the beauty of Lily Dale and then join the community pot luck dinner with the Monks.

August 31st is a quiet day but that can be a very welcome thing in Lily Dale.  Middle of the week, fewer people around, more opportunity for a message at one of the services.   This is my favorite time of season.   Season is wrapping up and the flowers are spectacular.

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Rev. Colleen Kulikowski