Focus on the good…

Focus on the good…

There are so many times you can fall into despair over what is happening in your life.   You face many challenges and it just doesn’t seem like you can’t get a break.   The harder you work towards a goal the more struggle you have.

Obstacles are placed in your way and they are unfair.   The people around you, especially those that are closest to you are your largest critics.  Instead of building you up they tear you down, point out every flaw you have and tell you a thousand ways you will fail.  Not once will you hear “I am proud of you” or “I believe in you” or “Look how far you have come”.  They add to the fear and doubt you are already wrestling with.

I know deeply this feeling.   I know that it is not easy to carry on.  It is so easy to be overwhelmed and just focus on the uncertainty of it all.   It is in these moments that we need to trust that everything will work out in the end.  Keep going, keep moving forward.   In the meantime, find joy in each moment.   Even if it is that you are alive and on this earth.   Look out side, there is a sign somewhere for you that everything will be okay.

Remember that what others say about your situation is their reality, their fears and their issues.   The hardest thing to do in these moments is let go of that negative energy.   It sticks to you with an iron fist.  Doubt and fear will just prolong the suffering.

You have got this!   Go forward knowing you are doing your best.   That you are loved and that this is a blip in your history and things will get better the moment you determine that they will be so.   In the meantime, do one thing to improve your life.   It may be that you go do something for someone else.   The boost of knowing you helped someone will help the chain of positive energy you need to create your future.

So for now, you will just have to believe that at least I am proud of how far you have come and that I believe in your dreams.  You are doing absolutely the best you can under the circumstances you are working with.   Just take it Day by Day


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Rev. Colleen Kulikowski