5 Tarot Card Spreads

5 Tarot Card Spreads for Improving Our Lives

I want to share 5 tarot card spreads that may assist you in your connection with Spirit.  Although often experienced as a divination tool, the Tarot is an intuitive practice that represents a ritual of caring for oneself and others. Tarot readings require some practice, dedication, and time. There are many forms of reading, from simple to more complicated, profound.

The tarot spread is a term used to describe the card design. It represents a sample of cards selected during reading. If you are a beginner, check out these most popular tarot spreads:

5 Tarot Card Spreads – 1-card spread

We recommend this reading for all who are still getting to know the meaning of each major and minor arcana card. It can be part of your morning routine, like meditation.

Ask a question out loud and decide which way you want to shuffle the cards. Spread them on the desk (you can even make a shape if you wish) and choose one.

Look for the meaning and try to analyze the answer you got.

5 Tarot Card Spreads – 2-card spread

After you master the 1-card spread, you can add one card more and make your reading more detailed. This type of reading is an excellent tool for yes/no questions.

It is a great way to find a solution to your challenge. One card can represent the current situation, and a second is a solution.

Also, it is effective for the following:

    • Harmful habits vs helpful habits
    • Useful beliefs vs useless beliefs
    • Do vs Don’t
    • One choice vs another choice
    • Yes or No
    • Heart of the problem and the solution
    • What is fear, and what is going on
    • What mistake did you make, and what lesson do you need to learn
    • Why am I feeling like this (or this emotion) and what do I need to do

5 Tarot Card Spreads – 3-card

This card spread represents the past, present, and future. It’s a great way to gain an insight into the situation/problem/challenge progress.

Think about something that has been on your mind for a while. It can be related to love, finances, health, or similar.

Shuffle the cards, and when you can feel the timing is right, stop and pull one. Place it on the left side. That one should explain why you are in that situation, what brought you there.

Place the second one in the middle. It will provide you with an explanation of your current situation.

The third is the future card, which should be on the right side.

You can also use these ideas as 3-card spreads:

  • Thoughts going on in my mind, body, and spirit
  • What’s the situation, the challenge, and the solution
  • Morning, noon, and night
  • What do I need to do, pause, and let go of
  • Past, present, and future
  • What is going on in my subconscious, my conscious, and how to integrate them
  • The current situation, what is holding me back, advice
  • What do I need to know, what do I need to learn, what do I need to do about it

5 Tarot Card Spreads – 5-card

Use the 5-card tarot spread when you are thinking about an issue or problem in your life and need to explore all possible interpretations of it.

Lay the cards in a cross position, with the first, second, and third cards representing past events or things. The fourth and fifth cards represent present circumstances or events happening now.

You can also use these meanings for the 5-card spread:

    • 1st card, see the present situation as it is now.
    • 2nd card, see the challenge you are facing
    • 3rd card, see the past influences and what lessons to take from that into the future.
    • 4th card, see a door or window opening that will help you know when and how to take the action
    • 5th card, see the outcome for your future

5 Tarot Card Spreads – Celtic Cross

This reading is great for answering specific questions or the outcome of one particular issue for all tarot lovers.  It is a ten-card spread. To place the cards correctly, do the following:

  • The first card goes to the middle. It describes the situation.
  • The second card goes over the first. It represents the challenge.
  • The third card below the first and second. It outlines the root issue of the situation.
  • Fourth to the left of the first and second. It portrays the past.
  • Fifth above the first and second. It depicts the present.
  • Sixth to the right of the first and second. It describes the near future
  • Line up the rest of four cards from the bottom to top (to the right of all cards).
    • The seventh card represents our power in the situation.
    • The eighth card reveals the other people involved and the environment.
    • The ninth card signifies the hopes and fears we have about the situation.
    • The tenth card represents the outcome.
Rev. Colleen Irwin
Reverend Colleen Irwin is a Spiritual being having a human experience as a Blogger, Wife, Mother, Mentor, Healer and Public Speaker living in Rochester New York. Colleen, a Natural Born Medium, teaches, lectures and serves Spirit when called upon. She remembers speaking with Spirit as a child and learning how to share this knowledge with others has been an adventure that she captured in her book “Discovering Your Stream”. Colleen has been mentored by Reverend Jack Rudy, and ordained as a Priest in the Order of Melchizedek by the Reverend Dan Chesboro through the Sanctuary of the Beloved. When she is not doing her Spiritual work she is a volunteer docent sharing Susan B. Anthony's history to visitors of the Susan B. Anthony House in Rochester. Her trust in Spirit gave her a new title – PREVIVOR. She now uses her platform to educate others about the BRCA genetic mutation and how one can take control of their health and well-being.
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