A Great Day at Statler City!

A Great Day at Statler City!

I had a beautiful day at the Statler yesterday.   Wonderful time with some incredible friends both new and old.   I have to say that Jack Rudy and I had our best Gallery Show we have ever done.   There were 28 people in the room and 28 people got messages from Spirit.   We had 45 minutes with the folks in the room and there was laughter and there were connections made for those that really needed it.  

Several great private readings and it was beautiful venue to work.    Thanks for all that worked behind the scenes to keep us comfortable and to all those that came and were part of our day.

The community of Mediums that work events like this have become a tight group, we are all so excited to see each other and support each other throughout the day.   To them they mean the world to me.   I learn so much just knowing each of them.  

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Rev. Colleen Kulikowski