This past week I have been getting back into my spiritual practice after a lot of time recovering from the multiple surgeries I needed to ensure my health continues on.   It has felt good to be open to the possibilities and they have been many.   Last week I had events almost every day of the week.

I am now hosting a monthly closed development circle for some students.   There is my monthly Spiritual Uplift sessions that I started back in June and they are growing each month with lovely conversations about Spirit with like minded folks.   I have been asked to participate on several on-line services and in other groups.   And I have launched a monthly support group for those with the BRCA gene mutation which is slowly growing.   Along with doing one-on-one mentoring of students on a variety of topics.

A Spiritual Practice is Practice

After a local church decided that they no longer needed me to run their circle I felt a little lost.   I understood it was a blessing in disguise and I realize now that was really true.   A hard thing to do, leave something that was working and was comfortable for the unknown.  This has enabled me to define myself better and surround myself with students that value my teachings.

Practice makes perfect, and my failures have been valuable lessons.  Yet, this was not as much about failure as being perceived as a threat to something/someone.   With me there, there was a light shining on that inadequacy.  My feelings were hurt, how could they not be?  It has taken me a little time but I have come to wish them well.   I understand who I am, what I am about and how best to help those that need guidance that seek me out.    I had come to do what was needed, it is now time to move on.   When one door closes, another opens!  For me, several opportunities have opened up.

I share this because if you are faced with such changes in your life, say thank you and turn to find the door opening.

Let Go and Move On

In your life you will experience many changes, some that you set into motion and others that Spirit does.   When that happens by Spirit, it just means it is time to grow again.   I am grateful for the past experiences, because they have taught me much.   It is time for me to move beyond the pettiness and spiritual negativity.

That is exactly what I am doing now — growing.   Not only growing but thriving and doing more than I thought I would be able to.   So can you.

Rev. Colleen Irwin
Reverend Colleen Irwin is a Spiritual being having a human experience as a Blogger, Wife, Mother, Mentor, Healer and Public Speaker living in Rochester New York. Colleen, a Natural Born Medium, teaches, lectures and serves Spirit when called upon. She remembers speaking with Spirit as a child and learning how to share this knowledge with others has been an adventure that she captured in her book “Discovering Your Stream”. Colleen has been mentored by Reverend Jack Rudy, and ordained as a Priest in the Order of Melchizedek by the Reverend Dan Chesboro through the Sanctuary of the Beloved. When she is not doing her Spiritual work she is a volunteer docent sharing Susan B. Anthony's history to visitors of the Susan B. Anthony House in Rochester. Her trust in Spirit gave her a new title – PREVIVOR. She now uses her platform to educate others about the BRCA genetic mutation and how one can take control of their health and well-being.
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