power of teamwork

The Power of Teamwork

If you want to run a sustainable and successful business or build strong and life-long relationships, learn how to value teamwork more. While there are things you can and should do alone, that doesn’t mean you should avoid teamwork altogether. On the contrary, working with a group of people provides you with many benefits in your personal life and in your professional life. Below are several benefits you may have experienced from teamwork in your daily life.

Enhances Communication and Listening Skills

When you constantly work with others, your communication and listening skills naturally improve. Teamwork further requires the skills to allow for open, honest, and judgment-free communication. The more you are around others, the more ideas, and different perspectives you gain. Thus, allowing you to communicate better and listen to those around you.

Boosts Productivity and Flexibility

When you work as a team, you can achieve more and at a quicker pace. This is because working together reduces stress and unrealistic expectations you place on yourself when you work alone. In addition, as a group, you can come together and each work on a part that better aligns with your skills, leading to fewer mistakes.

Increases Happiness and Sense of Achievement

Being a part of a community or accomplishing tasks with other people gives you a sense of pride, recognition, and accomplishment. Thus, giving you more motivation and determination to complete each task.

Not only that, happiness releases stress and anxiety that creates mental strain and other negative health effects affecting your ability to communicate properly. Meaning you will have the mental clarity needed to make better decisions and communicate more effectively.

Expands Innovation and Creativity

Pride, happiness, and mental clarity all work together to boost your creativity and innovation as a team. The less stress or never-ending work you have to worry about, the more ideas and brainstorming you can do as a team. Sharing the workload easily prevents burnout and gives everyone the tools they need to stay physically and emotionally healthy. Thus, allowing everyone to work better as a team and get more done.

Improves Job and Relationship Satisfaction

Teamwork requires trust, sacrifice, selflessness, and perseverance.  All valuable traits that produce strong relationships that inspire you to keep working and accomplishing your goals.

When you know someone else has your back and can help you pick up the pieces.  You will feel less stress and anxiety, which naturally leads to improved relationships and grater job satisfaction.

Remember, effective teamwork requires open communication, respect, and shared goals in order to repeat these benefits.

Rev. Colleen Irwin
Reverend Colleen Irwin is a Spiritual being having a human experience as a Blogger, Wife, Mother, Mentor, Healer and Public Speaker living in Rochester New York. Colleen, a Natural Born Medium, teaches, lectures and serves Spirit when called upon. She remembers speaking with Spirit as a child and learning how to share this knowledge with others has been an adventure that she captured in her book “Discovering Your Stream”. Colleen has been mentored by Reverend Jack Rudy, and ordained as a Priest in the Order of Melchizedek by the Reverend Dan Chesboro through the Sanctuary of the Beloved. When she is not doing her Spiritual work she is a volunteer docent sharing Susan B. Anthony's history to visitors of the Susan B. Anthony House in Rochester. Her trust in Spirit gave her a new title – PREVIVOR. She now uses her platform to educate others about the BRCA genetic mutation and how one can take control of their health and well-being.
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