Will I see you at the Statler on Sunday?

Will I see you at the Statler on Sunday?

I will be at this great event on Sunday…  The Doors open at 11am and I will be doing readings starting right at 11am.   So get there a few minutes early and sign up for a reading with me.  Want to pre-book and schedule that reading before getting there?  Visit the booking page.

I have a few friends here as well giving readings, if you need a suggestion on who to go to let me know, I would be happy to help.  Otherwise trust your gut and go with who feels right.  There will be several of my favorite vendors here as well!

At 3pm, I will be doing a Gallery with Jack Rudy and we are excited to be doing this as a Billet — names will be pulled from a basket by the audience.   We are trying to break our current record of 23 greetings in 50 minutes…  

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