What is a Piggy Back Message

What is a Piggy Back Message

My mentor and friend, Jack Rudy recently posted a great article about what to expect in a Gallery reading.  

Gallery readings are for larger groups and they are a lot of fun for both the Medium and the audience.   So many times I have seen it happen that there is a message given to one person that another can take.  This type of message is called a Piggy Back Message.

I have had it happen enough to know that messages I give in a Gallery may be multi-purpose.   Spirit is efficient that way.   There can be a large number of people that can be in a gallery reading and not everyone can be given a message directly.

So if you are sitting in a Gallery and you can take the message and identify with the person getting a message.  Take it.   Know that your loved ones are around and they will find any way possible to communicate with you.   If you get a feeling “oh Aunt Betsy always said that” there is a reason.   Even if it is to remind you about Aunt Betsy and that she loves you.

An example of a Piggy Back Message I gave in a gallery was that I had a young man that was between 18-21 who died with a drug overdose that was ruled a suicide and something to do with Tonawanda.  The woman I went directly to is looking at me not connecting to a thing I was saying.   I look at her and said, I will come back to you and knew this was an important message.  I look at the audience and ask “can anyone take this young man?” Three hands go up.  

Three different young men, one was 18, one 20 and the other 21 all having a connection to the Tonawandas.   All the same terrible situation.   I ask for more information I am given died in the last 3 months.   All three the same situation.  Ask for more information someone close to his mother is in the audience, his mother not here and he is worried about her.  A sister, a niece and a friend of the mother of the son in question.  

I am in tears and the three women are in tears, Jack interrupts me and then begins to explain a Piggy Back Message to everyone in the room.   This was my first experience with the blended spirits.   I went directly to one woman who couldn’t take anything I had to say, but the woman behind her was one of the three woman that was positive I was speaking to them.   Together we gave all three women information that they needed.

If a message needs to come out, it will Spirit will find the time and the place, as a Medium we are just the bridge between the two worlds.   It is our job to trust what we are getting and give it in the most loving and compassionate way possible.

Personally I have been in a Gallery where someone else was given a message and I could feel my grandmother’s presence and there were so many similarities that I knew the message was for me.   Spoke to the other woman who was given the message and was able to help her confusion with the pieces she could not understand.   It was a blended Spirit.  We both needed the message.  


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