Weekly Affirmation – Success

Weekly Affirmation – Success

Each week I find it helpful to use affirmations.   I personally find using the same affirmation for 7 days more effective, so I will share them each Thursday with you.

You may ask why Thursday, well it usually is the day of the week that I struggle the most.   I found Sunday’s as a start not working for me, I tried then Monday and discovered that I would be stressed from work.
I discovered the affirmation sits in my mind over the weekend that by Monday it has already been ingrained in me.
You can use them as you see the best fit.  There is no right or wrong with affirmations as long as you use them.
This week’s affirmation is as follows:
I am ALREADY healed, happy, loving,
wealthy, successful, confident,
physically and emotionally well.

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Rev. Colleen Kulikowski