Thoughts on Valentine’s Day

Today if you don’t have a romantic someone you may be feeling a little down.   I get it, I used to dread it too.   Another year without a Valentine for me.  I refuse to be sad or feel that there is something wrong with me.   Because the truth is I am surrounded by love.  

If you need one day a year to feel loved or that is the only day that you show it, your concept of love is completely screwed up.   

Right about now there are so many people walking around in fear, full of anger and it isn’t pretty.   There is a lack of hope and few reasons to smile.  

Tomorrow all those kids Valentine’s are going to go on sale, pick up a box or two of them.   When you find someone who is sad, or better yet having a meltdown take one of those cards out and give it to them or put it in the mail to them.  

Let’s put some love out into this world full of fear and anger.   It is not putting our heads in the sand, it is purely trying to recharge the universe positively.   You never know, it may just change someone.

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