There are no accidents

There are no accidents

File this under there are no accidents in life.  Every once in awhile I have a feeling I need to do something.   Not exactly sure why, but I trust it and go ahead and do it.   At the time it may not be significant, it is only later that I understand the significance of that moment.

People are meant to cross our paths and sometimes we are meant to cross theirs.   If we don’t pass each other, one way or another the Universe will conspire until that situation happens.   It is amazing how now I am beginning to recognize those moments when they happen and I imagine that is why life is easier now.

Some advice for those that are struggling.    Quiet yourself down and pay attention when your gut says to do something.   Trust that it may be something significant like meeting someone you need to know for your next stage of development or the Universe protecting you from a situation that will cause you harm.

Sounds crazy right?   It is when you start to trust your connection with Spirit and follow their guidance that the true miracles start to happen around you.  Many times they do not happen for you but those around you.   No accidents — so you can be grateful and generous with others.  It is when we are generous with our time for others and show gratitude for all that we have that we are rewarded with more wonderful things happening in our lives.   Once we understand that we are all interconnected and the miracle that happens for someone else also happens for us life becomes more beautiful.

Sometimes miracles do not happen for us, but we can be the miracle someone has been waiting and praying for.   In answering the call to help, we start a cascade affect of good things happening for others and ourselves.

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Rev. Colleen Kulikowski