Tarot Tuesday: The Study of Tarot

Tarot Tuesday: The Study of Tarot

Rider Wiate Tarot Deck
Rider Waite tarot deck is the most universally know and understood Tarot cards today.

I have been doing a lot with Tarot over the past few years.  It is always an interesting study.   Now I think it is time to start sharing more about it.   I am by no means an expert on the topic.  I think I will forever be a student.   To make it easier for me, I have created a worksheet that may help others with their study of the Tarot.

Tarot Worksheet:   tarotcardsbase-blank

There are some in Mediumship circles that see tools like this a taboo.   They discourage their use along with other tools.   For me, it was the first way that Spirit communicated with me.   I would see one of the 78 cards flash in front of my eyes when someone would be giving a reading or a message in church.  Then on their own.   I soon realized that the standard language of the Rider Waite cards was a way for me to interpret the information they were trying to convey to me.   It started my connection.   I was beginning to understand the ways Spirit would communicate with me.

Tarot Basics

There are four basic suits of Tarot and the Majors.   The four suits are Wands, Swords, Cups, and Pentacles. Each of them is broken into 1-10 and Court cards of King, Queen, Knight and Pages.   The Majors is another 22 cards that have very specific meanings.   You can use all the cards or a variation of them to do readings.

  • Majors usually indicate power is beyond the person’s control
    • they often will reveal an unwelcome truth
  • The suits
    • Wands – Element of Fire – deals with the will
      • timing dealing with days
      • Season Spring
      • Angel – Michael
      • Direction – South
    • Swords – Element of Air – deals with the mind & discrimination
      • timing dealing with months
      • Season Summer
      • Angel – Raphael
      • Direction – East
    • Cups – Element of Water – deals with the soul & imagination
      • timing dealing with weeks
      • Season Fall
      • Angel – Gabriel
      • Direction – West
    • Pentacles – Element is Earth – deals with the body & manifestation
      • timing dealing with years
      • Season Winter
      • Angel – Uriel
      • Direction – North
  • The minor cards when they appear (1-10) are usually referring to the control is in the hands of the person.
  • Court Cards generally refer to stages of development and refer to many people that there are undue influences from other people.
    • Pages – beginnings
    • Knights – the process itself
    • Queens – maturity
    • Kings – completion

This is just touching the tip of the iceberg.   There is so much to know and understand about Tarot, but I wanted to start sharing some of what I have learned and how it has assisted me.

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