Stop pulling the emergency break!

This is so inspiring…  amazing… I took away some pretty good ideas for myself.   It is amazing that I would run across this video right now.   Because I feel stuck.   I know there is something wonderful about to happen for me, yet I am paralyzed in a lack of movement.

I feel the change, other people around me see it, sense it and encourage me to have faith all will be alright.   The Capricorn in me is anything but patient and wants to know exactly what day and time this amazing series of events are going to happen that will make all my wildest dreams come true.

I then watch this video.  I need to stop the waiting and get out there and just do it.   But what?    I wrote the book, I now see where I am headed, and I just don’t know how to get from here to there.   Perhaps you too feel that way.   This talk may help you too.   Do I have all the answers?  No, probably won’t for some time, but I am not going to sit here and wait any longer. It is time to move on and build towards achieving those dreams.

So stop living in autopilot and start going after what it is that you desire…   You deserve it!

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