Something about homemade..

Last week I made this pizza.   It was amazing.   It wasn’t just me that said so…   My friend Jennifer said it outdid my Pot Pie.  Trust me, she loves my pot pies.   

What made it special?

Well, I made it from scratch…  Well the dough was purchased, but it had to rise.   I had to shape it.  I can never get a perfect circle, so I just did the best I could… Which actually worked out well because there were all edge pieces…  And we all like edge pieces…

I think it was the fresh herbs I used.   They were straight from Jennifer’s garden.   I put the cheese on the pie and then decided to step into her massive herb garden and clip them.  

Then again, it may just have been love.   There was so much love in this pie.   My love of cooking, Jennifer’s love of her garden.  Our friendship.  

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