Yesterday was pretty amazing day…   A fellow Medium and I went on an adventure together and it filled me with such joy.
We went down to the First Spiritualist Church in Erie.  We had planned on going to Lily Dale the day before, but a little voice in my head said, go to Erie.  So we did.
What a great church service, and afterwards lunch and we worked the mini-readings for the church.   The energy there was amazing, the church full and the love flowed.  They had a larger number of people that usual, so the two of us there were extra hands for their Mini Readings.
My friend wanted to see the refurbished stump, so since we had to pass by we went to Lily Dale.   I knew this was going to be important for my friend.   So we took this detour before going home. 
I didn’t know how powerful this detour was going to be for me.  The lesson for me of Law of Attraction and really understanding my life’s purpose fully.

A well known Medium and their family was there, they asked me if I wanted to give message to their family.   I said sure.   One by one they flowed.   It cemented my direction by the 9th message I gave.   The hugs they gave me as they left filled me with joy.  It is exciting to know I made a difference.  Hard to believe it was less than a year ago that I gave my first message at the Stump.
Pretty amazing right?   Well I wasn’t done giving messages.   After they left my friend and I were walking around the Stump there was this family of 4 women.   They had just watched me rapid fire give 9 messages. They were grieving and lost and they needed to hear from a loved one.  
At this point I am not sure I have it in me.  Spirit insisted.  I dug deep inside me, trusted the Universe and my guides to help me.  I looked at them and ask do you want a message.     I could not walk away, even though I had free will.  There was no way I could let them remain in so much pain.
As they looked at me with tears flowing from their faces, I know this is going to be huge.  I am in need of grounding, I kick off my shoes and start pacing barefoot around the Stump.  At one point during the message, the energy that flowed through me was so intense I had to take my Grandmother’s rings off.   My friend, also a Medium said later that when I handed them to her they were humming with energy.   Although this is my story, she had a part to play in this message.   Adding to what was coming through me.  She kept me grounded.
What happened next, although very important to the family, doesn’t matter for my story.  The messages I gave the four women searching for answers were for them.  What I will take away from that moment was how they looked after the messages were given.   These same women who when I met them who were in tears and looked like they had the weight of the world on their shoulders were laughing and smiling all because I took the time to help them.  
This morning I woke with a renewed energy of what I do for others I also do for myself.  That I am starting to really live my life purpose. 


I got an email on 6/19 from the family:

Hello Dear Colleen,
I just want to thank you endlessly for the gift you have. On June 12th at the Inspiration stump in Lilydale you unexpectedly changed our lives. We had only intended to stroll through the woods for peace after a passing of a dear one to us. You felt our pain and saw our distress. The things you said blew our mind. You picked up the guilt and the sorrow and lifted so much darkness from our hearts. My Daughter, Sister-in-law and neice were equally touched by your gift. I hope you eventually reside at Lilydale as a medium because I will be your lifelong customer. lol It was great meeting you and your friend. You truly are a beautiful soul Colleen. I cant thank you enough. Im sorry I took so long getting this to you. So much is happening in mine and my kids lives. I talked to my son and he wants a reading from you. He misses his dad so much. Looking forward to our next reading with you. ??
This is why I share my gift…   To help relieve pain and suffering.   I am a Healer and a Medium.  


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