Observations from me…

I am an independent spirit, I don’t just read something and believe it.   I see some of the big things happening and just shake my head.   I see the hate and the anger and everyone getting all twisted over events.   I see friendships and families breaking up over the discourse.

Many in the Spiritual community and those that are just waking up to their gifts are feeling the stress of the upheaval we are experiencing.   It isn’t just one area of our lives we are experiencing it.

I see history repeating itself.   It scares me.   But I refuse to use hate speech and I refuse to be drawn into the negativity.   So much of social media I pull away from.   You too may be feeling the stress of it all.   I have a simple piece of advice for you.

Do your research.  Surround yourself with people and things that bring you joy.   Someone does something that offends you, say something but respectfully.   Fill this world with love and light and be an encourager of hope.   Too many people are so full of fear and anger they cannot see that today is just a blip in history.

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