Medium vs. Psychic

Medium vs. Psychic

Medium vs. Psychic

Not  all mediums claim to be psychic and not all psychics claim to be mediums. But then there are people like me, who consider themselves psychic mediums. There’s a little bit of overlap.  We utilize both abilities as we go through life.

One isn’t better than the other, we are different and our connection to Spirit operates uniquely.

What is the difference between a Medium and a Psychic?

A medium can directly communicate with the spirits in the afterlife. A psychic on the other hand cannot do this but they can perceive situations and sense things that the person sitting needs to know.  

A medium serves as a channel between the world of the living and the afterlife which is beyond the abilities of a psychic. A psychic reads your aura to foretell your future while a medium reads the messages of the spirits.

What is a Medium?

  • Mediums tend to be strong, independent, and has a VERY solid spiritual background
  • Mediums connection to Spirit is direct
  • A medium is able to become completely receptive to the higher frequency or energies on which spirit people vibrate
  • Mediums Receive

What is a Psychic?

  • Psychics connection to Spirit is indirect
  • Being psychic is about sensing information that other people can’t usually access
  • Psychics perceive

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