Letting Go of Regret..

I have been thinking a lot on this subject of regret.   It seems the more spiritual I become the less this plays part in my day to day activities.  
I have stopped beating myself up about things that I did or did not do.   I recognize that all of my experiences until now, have been preparing me for something greater than I can even imagine.  
This may sound strange to you.  But it is simple. If I do something now, it is something that I had wanted in the now.
Perhaps in a day, a week or a year I will not feel the same way.   At one point in time it is something I wanted.  My thinking may have changed, or the circumstances are different than prior.   It may have been an wonderful experience or a lesson I needed to learn.  Either way, all is good.
Not easy to live without regrets.   It gets easier now that I look at things differently.   Our experiences shape our view of things.   We should never regret making decisions and wanting things that we have wanted in the past.  Nor should we feel bad by the fact that we have learned something to change our minds and what we want.
It is a never ending process…

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