Healing Love To All….

Healing Love To All….

I am siting here wondering what needs to happen in the wake of the election of Donald Trump for President.   The divide, the fear and the anger.    I did not support either of the candidates.   I knew no matter what happened that it would not be a good thing.  

I am deeply saddened but as a light worker I must focus on ways to heal humanity.   I am reminded that as a private citizen it is my responsibility (all our responsibility) to keep each and every person in elected office to represent our interests.   Perhaps now people will pay attention and get involved.

I have to trust that Spirit has a plan and I must trust that all will be as it needs to be.  Not how I want it but how it is.  There is a lesson here; I am paying close attention.    That my job right now is to raise my personal vibration to the highest level and to help those around me to do the same.   

To start, I will gather with my fellow light workers at the Wednesday Night Healing Service in Lily Dale at 7:30 tonight.    Join me.

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Rev. Colleen Kulikowski