Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

I am in the editing phase of the book.   I wrote about Angels and Saints and how St. Patrick is my patron saint.

So right about now you are thinking Colleen you are a Spiritualist, how can you believe in Saints.   Well I want to believe that my Catholic upbringing was part of my belief system.   I may no longer believe in the dogma of the church, but believe that the saints are something that I can take with me.  There are teachings and those that are part of that religion that inspire me.

Just look at Pope Francis and for those in Western New York the good works of Father Baker.  I believe that people like Mother Theresa and Pope John Paul did wonderful things to help spirituality.   They gave us things to think about to grow as Spiritual beings.

So today on St. Patrick’s Day remember that just because you may no longer part of a specific religion you can take aspects of them with you in your Spiritual Path.   With a name like Colleen Patricia I think that there is some Irish in me as well.   This is an Irish holiday after all…

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