Get out and Vote!

This summer I stood at the very same podium Susan B. Anthony did at Lily Dale.   She spoke of woman’s rights and fought for my right to vote.

Today I honor her sacrifice and that of all that came before me to fight for the rights that I have and I voted.   77th voter in the 77th District of New York.   This has been an ugly election and full of hate and negativity.

Be better than that, rise above it.   And if you need something to uplift you just click on the music category and play a song or two.

Today the only vote wasted is the one not cast.   So get out there and do your part.   I am proud to say that I researched the candidates, and I made an independent decision and voted for Jill Stein.   I didn’t vote against someone — I voted for someone.    I suggest that you do the same…

In the words of Jerry Garcia — Choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil.

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