Clairgustience or ability to taste

Of all the ways Spirit communicates with us this is one of the least talked about.   It usually shows up when the person communicating with me was a cook, or when I may not be understanding other queues they have been giving me.
Things that I have “tasted” in a reading are things like blood (the person had a stomach ulcer that burst before they passed), strawberries, hot apple pie, chocolate, lemon ice, incredible pasta sauce, and black licorice.   I not only taste but feel texture and temperature as well.

Being open to these cues is helpful in giving details when giving a message or during a reading.   So if you taste something suddenly, pay attention, it may be Spirit trying to communicate with you.     If you suddenly taste a favorite dish of a loved one it may just be them stopping by to say hello or their way of getting your attention.   Stop, ask questions, see what you sense and feel as you ask these questions.

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