Welcome to the first of an occasional sharing of an “inspirational” song. We put “inspirational” in quotes because this will not necessarily be not in the traditional sense, like something you might sing in church. We invite you to message us with your own suggestions.

To start off, then, here is the song “I Believe” by Christina Perri. Perri is perhaps best known for the hit “Jar of Hearts” which got the attention of the producers of “So You Thing You Can Dance” and was featured on that show. Since then, Perri has had a successful career with her own albums and with contributions to soundtracks, such as “A Thousand Years” from the Twilight film “Breaking Dawn: Part One.”

This song is the final track on Perri’s 2013 album “Head or Heart” and it is one of the most encouraging songs we know.  Listen for the beautiful children’s chorus at the end, singing three important messages… that we can all live by.