Change is never easy

I struggle with change in my life.  They are never easy.   For me it is particularly difficult I over think it all.  To handle changes in our life with grace is not always easy.  
Today a major change is happening in my professional life.   It is a shift that has to happen and I am excited about what it means for me.   I struggled with the letting go of the old to make room for the new.   But in fighting letting go I have learned that it is ok.  
So my first word of the year Forgiveness is about me.   My forgiving myself for failed dreams and giving myself permission to trust the Universe that the right things will come along my way.  
Sometimes it is necessary to change the course and part ways with some and join a path with others.   Things are very different and very much moving forward for me.  Patience, Steadfast and Genuine are going to still be a very big part of 2017 I can see.  

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