Career Shift

I am in a huge career shift.   I am working very hard at letting it evolve to what it will be and not control it.   This for me is a huge difficulty.   I see myself in a very specific role and yet I am being told by some that is not the direction.  Still there are others that are telling me it is what I see and more.

So I opened myself up and my heart and I am allowing things to be the way that they need to be.   Patient is not a word anyone would immediately use to describe me.

I think that this slowdown in my life is to allow what is coming next in my life to catch up to me.   That I have been flying at thousand miles a minute and I have gotten ahead of where I am to be.  

Now I wait.   While I do that, I think I will enjoy each day a little more.   Be grateful for what I do have.   I guess this really is the year of patience for me.   Steadfast and genuine play a big role too; but patience.  

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