A Temporary Guide is working with me…

I am realizing that I need to do a better job connecting with my guides.   They are important to me.   Now that I am trying I know they are there, but I seem to be having difficulty connecting with them.

Jack and Carol have both said that I have 7 guides, they have 7 and so on.   That I have that set of resources at my disposal.
I know my joy guide I can describe her in great detail.   Just the thought of her makes me smile. She has told me that she will be with me all of my life.    That I won’t be seeing a lot of her for awhile as I work with my other guides.   That it is important that I spent the time with these guides.
I know my grandfather is my gatekeeper.  Which is unusual, but for me it feels rather natural… 
I know I have this new guide that is with me working with me.   I know they are temporary.   
I want to talk with them and connect, yet it seems that each time I meditate and think about it, I lose time.   I know they have been with me.   I known that there is only so much time and I don’t understand why they are hidden to me.   
I clearly know it is a limited time we are together.   I feel like it is during Mercury in Retrograde.   Perhaps I will never know this guide.   
I have the following sense about this guide:
  • someone famous
  • female that has a very masculine essence
  • there is something about roses with her 
  • There is something about order, structure — there is a way to do things
  • They do not have patience with me, yet expect me to be patient with them
  • Strong need for me to get into Morris Pratt

 I also have a strong sense or know that:

  • she is giving me the tools to diplomatically handle sticky situations
  • that I have a purpose — to help heal the rift between the 4 churches at Lily Dale
  • some sort of credentials is important to me moving forward
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